Pavement stone, different dimension, 2016
Blue Meteor What is the purpose of the museums today? Do they merely represent something that happened some time ago, or it is possible that we can open up our reality through the interplay and exchange of practices, valorizations, and relations with the static presence of object in the museum space? In this work, cubic stones once used as a means of a social revolt are set up in a museum-like setting, reminding us that what we do today will importantly influence what the future has to tell to us about our own experience. Have these sky-colored blue meteors, hurled at the democracy-locked institutions of The State, only managed to be formally apprehended as objects of critique and resistance? Have they merely been converted into mute museum objects? Truly opening up the field of conflict and contestation requires its maintenance in all future conditions. The State can attempt to tame, co-opt, and integrate such experiences by various means of artistically capturing these political moments. But the explosive political dimension, inexhaustible within the wide scope of contemporary practices, will always remain one of the most powerful tools to subvert the dominant paradigm. Such gestures of occupation and territorialization keep alive the lines of the struggle. Lamaj's meteors perform precisely that act of relentless return to the field of contestation and critique."